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Our Process

Our Process

Step 1

Initial Consult

When an enquiry is made, an appointment will be scheduled to meet both the child and the parents. An intake questionnaire will be sent to the parents to complete and submit prior to the initial consultation.

During the initial consultation (approx 1 to 1.5 hours), the ABA team will conduct:

  • A parent interview to gather relevant and useful information about what the parents' priorities for their child are, alongside what are the child's skills and needs. Only the parents are required during this stage in the process.
  • A probing session with the child to see what are some of their strengths and weaknesses. Only the child is required during this stage in the process.
  • A feedback session to discuss what was observed during the probing stage alongside the recommendations.
Step 2

Initial Probe Programme (IPP)

Once the child has enrolled into the ABA Programme, they will undergo the initial probing stage for 2-4 weeks in order to further identify the skills of the child, the areas of need, and behaviors. This allows the ABA team to work on making both the environment and the therapists positive to the child, allowing the child to feel motivated and encouraged to come to their sessions. This also allows the ABA team to know the child better in order to create a more effective programme, customised to their learning needs.

Step 3

Treatment Plan

On completion of the probing period, the supervisor of the case will develop a treatment plan for the child. The plan will comprise target skills and goals that the ABA team will work on with the child. The treatment plan will be sent to the parents to review and seek clarifications if needed. Parents can also share their input with the ABA team and/or supervisor and their input may be incorporated, if and as feasible.

Step 4

Commencement of the Treatment Plan

Once the treatment plan is reviewed and approved by all parties, the treatment plan will be implemented through intensive and consistent 1:1 therapy sessions with the child.

Step 5

Periodic Progress Review

Supervision is an ongoing process where the supervisor of the case will head into the child's ABA sessions. During each supervision session, the goals of the child may be progressed, and/or modified according to what is observed. The child's ABA team regularly meets to share information about what occurs during the sessions.

Step 6

Progress Report and Updated Plan

Upon working on the treatment plan with the child for typically 6 months, a progress report will be written comprising the progress the child has made alongside any new programs which the child is working on. This will be shared with the parents.

We strongly believe that the child's parents/ caregivers play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the child's developmental journey. To enable every child to have a positive learning experience and continuity in their learning, we advocate the involvement of the child's parents and/or primary caregivers at every step of the child's programme. Throughout, we will maintain an open line of communication, share videos of the child's progress and offer a listening ear when needed.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services and activities that target specific issues and bridge development gaps. Every activity and session are strategically planned and customised to suit the child’s unique needs, strengths and developmental pace.

Our therapy sessions are carried out one-on-one for a more intensive and personalised programme. With individualised attention, we are able to pace the sessions according to the child’s learning momentum.

A typical session can last for a minimum of 2 hours up to 3 hours, depending on the child's needs and progress. The first few sessions usually involve the therapist pairing and building rapport with the child. Once the therapist ascertains that the child is comfortable in the new learning environment, the therapist will commence the intervention and gradually increase the intensity as the therapy progresses.

We are currently offering the following service models for our one-on-one therapy sessions:

  • Centre-based
  • Home-based
  • Hybrid (combination of the above 2 models)

Currently, Dynamics' ABA programs range from 4 hours a week to 15 hours per week. As research has shown that more consistent and intensive therapy sessions allow clients to make greater gains, we recommend that clients come for more consistent sessions. Upon undergoing an initial consultation, we will be able to provide more individualized recommendations relating to the number of hours (per week) of therapy recommended. For ABA sessions comprising 6 hours a week, the costs would start from $660* per week.

**Kindly note that our charges do not include the therapist's travel expenses for home visits, which will be billed separately. The travel expenses will be communicated to the client and agreed on by both parties.

Our Commitment to You and Your Child

Highly Trained and Experienced ABA Professionals

Highly Trained and Experienced ABA Professionals

Evidence and Research Based ABA Programme

Evidence and Research Based ABA Programme

Open and Ongoing Communication with Parents

Open and Ongoing Communication with Parents

One-stop Centre for Specialised Services

One-stop Centre for Specialised Services

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